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Learn how to design, build, and maintain an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud that runs on commodity hardware with OpenStack, the community-driven open source platform. This practical guide shows you how to create an architecture for your cloud network and perform the required day-to-day administration tasks.Designed for scalability, OpenStack allows you to integrate several different technologies to construct a cloud. This approach provides great flexibility, but the number of options might be bewildering at first. After you complete this book, you’ll know which questions to ask, and understand how to organize compute, networking, and storage resources.Written by a team of experienced developers and OpenStack contributors, topics include:Provisioning and deploymentCloud controller designHorizontal scaling and load balancingCompute nodes, storage decisions, and network designAn example architecture to get you startedA working environment for examining your cloudManaging projects and usersUser-facing operationsMaintenance, failures, and debuggingNetwork troubleshootingLogging and monitoringBackup and recoveryOptions for customizing OpenStackAdvanced configuration

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